Trevor Davis Musical History

By age 17 Trevor was playing drums professionally 5 nights a week with a regionally successful rock band, one of whose members went on to lead the Saturday Night Live studio band and serve as band director for David Bowie, Bob Dylan and George Harrison (GE Smith).

After a year of steady gigs, it was on to study and record jazz with a big band at Johnson State College, now Northern Vermont University, and following that a period of freelancing back in central Connecticut when he played live and studio sessions and with dozens of different bands at every imaginable venue from clubs, to country clubs, to country western clubs, and the full range of private social events.  During this period he also played with Michael Bolton, and later managed and played with a leading Connecticut band, Fountainhead.

Trumpet lessons with Dr. Morris Lewis in Second Grade for 2 years

Hang with Greasy Fred & New Haven Stompers (John Baker, Andy Karlok, Steve Baldino)

{Purchased Slingerland 5 piece white pearl drum set at Banko’s House of Music ($550 list $330 discounted) 20”, 2-12” 16”}

Drummer with Blue America (Paul Opotzner, Gerry Duprey)

Played and Directed Pandemonium! Amity High School (Anthony Geraci, Ed Cherry, Robin Neary, Rob Jockel, Ellen Whyte) 1969-72

{Slingerland set covered by Pamela [Davis] Hirth with yellow, pink & purple cosmic print cloth}

Drummer Hombre 1972-4 (Bobby Saccu, Bobby White, George Lindsey, Bob Ursini, Peter Tuckel, George (GE) Smith, Gillette Durkee, George Golia, Ceaser Carillo Diaz, Jimmy Minuet)

{Leedy maple 2-24”, 13”, 14”, 15”, 20” toms}

David Drullard (Drouillard), Tommy Harper, George (GE) Smith)

New Haven Musician Union Local 234: 1972-1980

Producer of the First and Second Orange Music Festival, outdoors at Holy Infant School: Sept. 9, 1973-4

Johnson State Jazz Ensemble, Johnson, VT (Neil Sirman, Director, Dennis Colasano) big band and jazz {1940’s Leedy 26” +} 1974-5

Business Manager for the 19 Recording Studio, Glastonbury, CT (Ron Scalise, Jonathan Freed)

Drum Dept. Manager for Guitars Unlimited

Assistant to Charlie Donnelly Drum Center, Newington CT

Drummer with Michael Bolotin (Boltin) (Patrick Henderson, Music Director, Steve Buslow, Paul Gabriel)

Drummer with New England Jam (Tony Aiardo, Peter Aiardo),

Portugese wedding band, jams with Mills brothers, Jay Hoggard, Ed Cherry, bad Elvis band

Drummer and booking agent with One Weiner with Everything (Matthew Weiner (Wilder), Robin Neary, Ed Cherry, Paul McCoy, Jonathan Freed, Elise Famigletti) {Fibes clear 24”, 13”, 16”}

Drummer and manager Fountainhead (Ken Griffin, Art Deske, Rod Pile, Scott Fitzgerald, David Kufta, John Frissell) First use of mailing list for marketing band {Ludwig 22”, Leedy 1940’s 13”, Slingerland 6” & 10”, Ludwig 16” and 20”}

Drummer with Thin Ice (disco) (Ralph Deluci, Pat Bresnahan)

Drummer with Hit the Ceiling (Tom McNamara)

Drummer with Donna Wilde and the Gandy Dancers (George Gandy, Paul Christopher)

Drummer with Shaun Alison Band (Country) (Joe & John Monthei, Tod Smith)

Drummer with Mike Martinez (Country)

Drummer with Heartland (Country)(Christine and John West)

Drummer for show Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, East Hampton

Drummer for Brothers & Sisters, Cousins (Neely Bruce composer & director)

Drummer with Annual Shoreline Soup Kitchen Concert at the Kate

Drummer with Contagious Rhythm (Soul)

Drummer with Basically Blues Band (Marty Witkowski)

Drummer with Juniper Hill Jumpers Dixieland jazz band (Hill Bullard)

Drummer with Essex Corinthian Dixieland Jazz Band (Leslie Strauss)

Percussionist and drummer with Lynn & Lindy Adler, Bill Milford, Barb Siftar

Producer of Tuesday Night Jazz series, Paul Winter and Winter Consort multiple venues and concerts

Host at The Library Studio for Hartford Jazz Society’s Paul Brown Monday Night Bushnell Park Concert Series (live stream)

Current: Drummer, band leader and producer; Jazz Affair, Legacy Coverage, Trevor Davis Dixieland Jazz Band, Central City Productions, Central City Stompers, The Library Studio, Vintage Drums by Trevor Davis