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Diversity has been the keynote of Trevor’s musical career. It’s been the source of his unflagging interest in performing – how can you become bored when you are always trying something new — and of his easy connection with a broad range of clients. Today, diversity and excellence continue to characterize what he offers his audiences.


His wide-ranging experience has given Trevor a broad familiarity with the local Connecticut music scene and its artists. He has become a master of creating bands custom-designed to suit an event, its audience, and the client’s personal taste. Since each event is different, so is the band that entertains it. From Dixieland to jazz standards, rock, folk, and country, Trevor continues to play them all.


This appetite for new experiences is something Trevor has never lost. One day he may play a wedding, on another with a jazz band on a wine and chocolate riverboat cruise, playing percussion instruments for an acoustic folk act, and yet another leading a marching Dixieland band at a traditional New Orleans ‘Second Line’ jazz funeral.

Current Live Bands

Trevor Davis Dixieland Jazz Band

Dixieland Jazz Band

Legacy Coverage

Rock, R&B, Soul and more

Jazz Affair

Jazz Affair

Jazz from 3 piece to 5

Corinthian Dixieland Jazz Band

The Corinthian Jazz Band

Jazz, Dixieland and more

Jazz Affair

Jazz Affair

Jazz with Vocalist

Trevor Davis’ Jazz Affair featuring Steve Donovan on keyboards, Mike Asetta on bass, John Smayda on reeds and Trevor Davis on drums

Central City Stompers – Canal Street

Sitting in with the Clark Eno Orchestra with Bill Holloman on tenor sax.

Central City Stompers – Copenhagen

Central City Stompers – Chelsea on Down

Sitting in with the Clark Eno Orchestra with Bill Holloman on tenor sax.

Central City Stompers – Closer Walk

“Do Not Contain Yourself” by David Drouillard with G. E. Smith on guitar 1974

Hallelujah by Bill Milford & Barb Sifter Live at “Winni” summer camp at Lake Winnipesaukee 2008